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Patient survey and results

PPG Report 2015

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For further information on the outcome of our survey please click the link below:


Patient Participation Group met to discuss Annual Survey and to set questions for current year. The group also supplied a member to assist with completion of survey, by questioning patients in waiting room over February and march 2014. A box was also available for responses.

Questions set were as follows:

1.  When booking an appointment by telephone, how long do you usually have to wait to discuss it with someone?

44% wait more than 5 minutes

2.   When you need to see a GP immediately, do you get a suitable appointment?

46% say always or usually

If you cannot get an immediate (same day) appointment what do you usually do?

61% would go to Walk in Centre or keep trying until get appointment

3.  If you want to see a doctor quickly, how long do you usually have to wait?

64% wait less than 7 days

4. Do you have any difficulties when trying to book a non-urgent or routine appointment?

83% say Never or Sometimes

5. When you want to see a nurse do you usually get a suitable appointment?

82% say Always or Usually

6. When you want to speak to a doctor/nurse on the telephone, can you usually do this?

79% say get call back within 24 hours

7. Are the reception staff polite and helpful?

91% say Always or Usually

8.  Is there enough privacy when speaking to reception staff?

60% concerned about privacy

9.  When you attend a Doctors appointment, how long do you usually have to wait beyond your appointment time?

67% seen within 20 minutes

10. Do you feel the doctor / nurse listens to you?

Doctors 73%       Nurses 90%

11.  Does the doctor explain tests / treatments sufficiently?

90% say Yes or Usually

12.  Are you confident in the treatment provided for you? 

80% say yes

13.  Are the Surgery opening hours convenient?

86% satisfied with current opening hours

14. If you could improve one thing about the care and service provided by the surgery, what would it be?

Most common themes: Improvement in telephone systems. Improve appointment numbers. Improve punctuality.

Your age group:

Under 18    1%         18-44    38%          45-60    26%         60-75    22%         Over 75   13%


What have we done as a response to the survey?

Telephone System

The telephone appointment booking line has been removed from the reception area to a back office, thus improving the speed of answering, and waiting, with fewer calls put on hold.


Along with the removal of the telephone from the reception area, a queuing barrier has been introduced to the main reception desk which gives the patient at reception more room and reduces patients looking over their shoulder. This has inproved privacy.


A break has been inserted in to the morning rotas. This will allow time to catch up, meaning the later appointments will suffer less from delay.