Home Visits Requests / Services

We do offer Home visits to those patients that are unable to attend the Surgery.

If a home visit is required please let the Surgery know as we need to plan this into the GP’s day.

The clinical staff member will make contact with the patient  / family / carer whom has requested the visit. Depending on the reason for the visit the GP would attend or they will refer to the following services.

JET –  Joint Emergency Team  –  This team will go out, see a patient and give a full clinical exam and  review  and liaise with the GP of the findings.  JET sometimes can visit patients quicker than a GP and can help with unwanted hospital admissions

Home Visiting Team  –  We refer into the service  and they will attend and complete Bloods, Blood Pressure Checks, Diabetic reviews

District Nurses  –  Normally this would be for services GP are not able to assist with i.e. Catheters blocked, inserts etc.


Date published: 9 March 2023
Date last updated: 31 December 2023